About us

WX Management Services is a boutique real estate advisory and services company providing investors with comprehensive management services, focused on your individual needs.

With 25 years of experience on the Polish market, our team offers a strategic approach to real estate investment and logistical support.

We are involved from day one of the investment process by advising investors on suitable investment targets, helping to coordinate due diligence and contract negotiation process.

Upon successful acquisition we step in to provide 24/7 property management services.

For office buildings we co-ordinate and manage the marketing and leasing of any vacant space and co-ordinate fit-out including negotiations with architects, fit-out firms and specialist contractors. We will focus, if required, on actively managing and enhancing existing tenant relationships. We call these specialist services Leasing Management.

Our project management team can co-ordinate any tenant fit-out work, building refurbishment work or hotel refurbishment. We have long standing relationships with local and international architects, designers, engineers, consultants and fit-out contractors allowing us to hand pick the right team, tailored to the size and complexity of your project.

Our accounting teams manage all aspects of local and international accounting with fiscal legislative expertise, we prepare reports for investors and financing banks.

If an investment in the real estate is contracted through a special purpose vehicle domiciled in Poland we offer domiciliation services, and can provide local board members.